Before Printing

The orders with special design undergoes pre-graphic printing project step. After completion of graphic stage the orders with special designs will be sent to the cliché department and prepared for printing.


Stamping is initial stage of flexible package. Stamping is moulding of granulated raw melted by influence of high temperature by pressure with the aim of shaping. The film output from the mould as a result of cooling will be transformed into the material with the desired specifications.


Using ink on the surface of film-like material is called printing. This process is proceeding in the printing-house.


Lamination is sticking tow or more materials by temperature or pressure and getting a new material after it. At this stage the packing material in accordance with usage field gets the following characteristics:

- Avoiding to touch ink with production
- Reduction of oxygen conductivity in case of necessity
- Prevention of contacting of the materials sensible towards light with light
- Increase of esthetic specifications of the packing material


Your packing material will get the final desired shape at the stage of cutting. In the cutting department the production gets the final form by special designed high-speed and the best quality equipment in accordance with types of various packing materials and bags.