Iyem Plastik, first of all, suggests market packets, zipped packets, bags with string/modern bags, cardboard bags, printing and all types of special packaging materials and packets to the clients with quality slogan. Our principle is development and quality.

Our company is obliged to make its contribution in the economy of our country, to make its position in the sector with its trade mark, maintaining high quality at the same time, to present first our country abroad by the best way, and secondly, Iyem Plastik’s name and reputation. According to our aim we will do our best to perform our obligations, permanently work with the aim of development and continue production manufacturing.


The key principle of our Company - Iyem Plastik is, first of all, training of high-qualified specialists, offering the products with high quality, safety, productive activity at the reasonable price to the clients in order to satisfy customers at the best level.

The work performed is a mirror of a person and organization. Thus, quality, qualitative production and customer’s satisfaction have become as our living rule and not only as obligation. People are characterized by reaching success and making mistakes too. According to the quality we aimed to permanently update our production so that not to make mistakes and to offer the high qualitative products of general consumption to our customers. As learning-education has not got age, we consider that our personnel’s constant working on their development is an integral part of qualitative production.

Our principle is to watch permanently to quality management system, to eliminate defects and give proper information to the last customer. Our goal is to satisfy clients consistently, precisely and completely realize customers’ expectations and requirements, to fulfill our own obligations perfectly, to eliminate losses and damage and to offer our production and service to the customers at the lowest price. As health and safety is very important, our goal is to think of health of our personnel and customers as well, of such manufacture that will not damage nature and environment.